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Since I've finally got volumes 7-10 of the Hourou Musuko manga and the anime has started last week, I've decided it is time to embark upon a big re-read of the manga, to refresh my memory. I'm obviously behind everyone, who reads the scans as they come out, but I like Hourou Musuko too much to put up with reading it on the computer screen. Because I also want to be able to express my thoughts on the series in a more coherent manner than a bunch of squeeing and annoying fanboyism, I've decide to chronicle my way through the anime and the manga. It will still probably contain a lot of squeeing, but I'll try to subdue it. There will be spoilers, but hopefully nothing explicit.

Manga, Volume 1 )

Anime, Episode 1 )
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So, I finally got around to watch the first episode of Hourou Musuko and Saori hitting a boy over head with copy of Anne of Green Gables pretty much made the episode worth watching even more. (Besides the fact that it is an adaptation of my favorite manga series, which already makes it worth watching for better or for worse.)

Also, why did Saori bring this book to first day of new school? Was it because the school wanted it? Or was it because Saori wants to hit boys over the head with style? For me, the choice is clear.


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