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Dear Yuletide Writer,

thank you so much for writing for me this year! I'm really looking forward to whatever you decide to write for me, so take this letter just as an inspiration. After all, surprise at what kind of story I got is half the fun.

For general things, I am fine with pretty much any kind of pairing, but gen would be perfect as well. If you do decide to write about some pairing, please go light on sexual stuff. Again, none at all would be perfectly fine, but if you feel that the story needs some, go ahead. Just not anything TOO explicit, please. The fandoms here tend mostly towards gen anyway, but just in case.

What I love in general: Messed-up relationships (if appropriate), taking canon into unexpected, but plausible direction, complicated family relationships, feeling of genuine affection for the canon (even if you question it or make fun of it).
Please don't do these: Rape in any form, relationships between adult and underaged characters, teacher/student relationships even if both characters are adults, character death.

And now for specific requests:

Malory Towers - Enid Blyton (Alicia Johns, June Johns)

Alicia and June are both kinda awful people, even though Alicia gets more authorial approval. I would love to see more of their relationship, whether at school or at home. In the books, June being Alicia's cousin is secondary to her being an uppity younger girl, who needs to be pacified, but that's an aspect of the books I never liked much. It would be great if you could show something more about their relationships. Maybe Alicia is irritated with June, because June always interrupts her somehow, when she wants to have a moment alone with Betty/Darrell/Moira/Clarissa/whoever. Maybe June wants Alicia to show her around the school, but doesn't want Alicia to think that she's clingy. Or maybe June wants to be like Alicia, but can't do it with other being irritated and angry with her.

Oh, and I haven't read the Pamela Cox books, nor do I particulary want to. I take only the original novels as canon, but if you want to use details from the other books, feel free.

Swallows and Amazons  - Arthur Ransome  (Nancy Blackett, Titty Walker)

Nancy and Titty are my favourite characters, so I would be happy to see anything about them. I don't think they interact that much in the books (it's been a long time, since I read some of the later ones), so maybe expand on that? Or just have them have some sort of adventure during the summer. Maybe even, if you feel like it, a grand adventure in the vein of Peter Duck.

The thing I like about the books is the adventure and completely unrealistic level of freedom for the children, so I'm not very interested in the characters as adults. That, however, does not mean I wouldn't love seeing something more serious. Some sort of conflict between Nancy and Titty would be interesting to see. After all, it is a bit weird, that all serious conflicts in the books were with outsiders.

Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son (Nitori Shuuichi, Chiba Saori)

I ship Shuu and Saori. A lot. Even though it's probably never going to happen. However, anything about them would be wonderful, shippy or not. Of the two of them, I am more interested in Saori, since Shuu is a bit too nice to be really interesting. You can write about Saori getting over Shuu, or her relationship with her family, or what she thinks about religion. Maybe show what Saori thinks about the Nitori family from what she saw of them.

If you have a hidden urge to write something overwrought and angsty, do it here. To me, Saori seems like the type of person that could dwell on things endlessly and be completely unable to ask someone else for help of any kind. As long as you make it at least a little bit plausible, I would immensely enjoy any kind of self-pitying, world-hating inner monologues you might want to write for her. I probably won't take those monologues seriously, but I would enjoy them nevertheless.

One last thing, I follow the Japanese volumes, so I'm not completely up to date on the manga. The last chapter I've read is 107, so please try to not put in spoilers for later chapters.

Well, that's pretty much all. I hope I gave you at least some kind of inspiration. Still, I'll be happy with pretty much anything you'd write me.

Once again, thanks for writing for me,


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