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Dear prompt filler,

First of all, thank you so much for writing/drawing for me!

Second of all, if nothing I say here works for you, feel free to do what you like. As long as it's not too explicit or violent, I will have no complaints. And by too explicit/violent, I mean nothing that would get an adult rating.

There is not much that I can say about what I like in general, since I like the fandoms I requested for fairly different reasons. However, I like fics that are able to question the source material a little, while remaining faithful to its tone. I'm fine with any form of romance and gen would be welcome as well. That's all, sorry.

As a later addition, I babble a lot in the specific requests about pairings, but friendship would be just as awesome, if not even more.

If you're an artist, I'm sorry I can't tell you more, since I don't know much about art. Only that I really like Art Nouveau, so if you always wanted to try it, feel free. However, any fanart would be much appreciated. Again, the only limit I have is nothing adult. Sorry that I can't help you more.

Specific requests:

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:

I very much prefer Nanoha/Fate in terms of pairings, but I have no particular dislikes, so if that's not your thing, I'm not forcing you. When it comes to the series, I like StrikerS the most and A's the least

I was always interested in how the series dealt with the notion of family, so I'd very much like to see a fic that would deal with it. Perhaps Nanoha and Fate dealing with interactions between their own  families and the family they've built together.

Sorry that the Nanoha section is so short, but it's a little hard to elaborate on saying I want something happy and sweet, but wouldn't mind a little drama.

Revolutionary Girl Utena:

I adore Utena, because it is just so messed up. Even Nanami, who is arguably the most ordinary person in the series, has incredible amount of issues. So, if you wanted to indulge in angst, here's your chance. Pull out all the stoppers, let me drown in a deluge of angst. I probably won't take it seriously at all, but I'll be entertained and that's the most important thing when reading fic.

On a more specific note, Juri/Shiori is a pairing that's so messed up I can't help but like it. I like fictional dysfunctional relationships in general and Utena provides a lot of them, but even then, Juri/Shiori is the golden standard against which all others should be measured. Shiori's mindgames! Juri searching all showers at Ohtori to find the best Shower of Angst! Everything with those two being messed up would be great.

I like Utena/Anthy as well, but instead of letting them be in their messed-uppedness, I prefer them being two broken individuals who somehow have to negotiate a relationship both between themselves and the outside world. In short, I like things getting better for the two of them, if only a little.

As for Nanami, please just let her have some dignity for once. I'd just love to have narrative that treats her seriously.

That is all. Hope I was of some help and thank you again.
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